Programmes Summary and Objectives

Advanced Supervisory Management

Advanced Supervisory Management

The purpose of this programme, Advanced Supervisory Management is intended to help participants maximize their potential as leaders and as a manager because sometimes things just don’t turn out the way they are supposed to – especially when other people are involved. It’s a common challenge and normally, little can be accomplished without the cooperation of others.

At home, in social settings, or on the job, you are often in situations where the behaviour of other people determines your success.

Now that you’ve searched for excellence . . . analyzed the megatrends . . . and learned the basics of Supervisory Management in level one of this programme, it’s time to consider broadening your Supervisory Management skills by learning how to develop your leadership qualities and become a person of influence.

What you need is a practical model to help identify strategies for meeting the ongoing challenges encountered in leadership situations. Leading and managing is a full-time job that should be practiced every hour of every day.

This programme will empower the learner the knowledge and the skills to:

  • Understand the difference between leadership and management
  • Develop the skills required when leading people
  • Diagnose the competency and commitment of others.
  • Differentiate influence styles.
  • Select appropriate leader behaviours
  • Increase your influence potential
  • Grow and develop followers
  • Overcome Performance Problems
  • Strike a balance between managing people and results

Woody Allen says that success in life is “. . . 20% timing and 80% just showing up.” People usually “show up” in leadership situations. But leadership success is much more than just showing up. It is the application of tested concepts and the “timing” skills necessary to get things done. Advanced Supervisory Management is designed to provide you with these skills. Advanced Supervisory Management will empower the participant to do two things: To raises the awareness of the readiness of those you are attempting to influence and the ability to adapt your behaviour to help others help themselves.

The model used for this programme will provide a quick reference to the participant to assist in:

  • Diagnosing the level of readiness
  • Selecting high probability leadership styles, and
  • Communicating styles to effectively influence behaviour.

Duration: 5 days programme.

Learning Assessment:

At the end of the programme, the participant is given a practical work related assignment to implement the knowledge and the skills learnt during the programme to his/her environment. A panel presentation and portfolio of evidence date will be given to the participants before the end of the programme. Proof of Return on Investment must be handed to the panel members and presented by the participants. The panel members will consists of a facilitator and the leader/s of the participant. Optional continuous coaching session can be arranged between the participant and coach/facilitator to achieve optimum results.