Programmes Summary and Objectives

This learning programme covers the concepts of how to manage your time and life smarter. The learners will be empowered with the knowledge and practical skills of applying the following concepts into their lives:-

  • You Control your life by controlling your time
  • Your governing values are the foundation of personal fulfillment.
  • When your daily activities reflect your governing values, you experience inner peace.
  • To reach any significant goal, you must leave your comfort zone.
  • Daily planning leverages time through increased focus.
  • Prioritizing and assertiveness is the key to effectiveness
  • You can transform your "nightmare" meetings into purposeful, productive and meaningful meetings.
  • The power and peace of Principle-Centered living
You can want to do the right thing, and you can even want to do it for the right reasons. But if you don't apply the right principles, you can still hit a wall.

Stephen R Covey
First Things First

Duration: 2 days programme.


There is a strict pre-requisite for a pre-work to be done by the learners before attending the programme, in order to get the more out of it. Attending the programme without completing the pre-work will disadvantage the learner from getting the best out of it.

Learning Assessment:

A practical assignment will be given to the learners to complete by applying the knowledge and skills learned at their environments. A due date to submit the assignment via e-mail will be given to the learner before completion of the programme. A follow-up and coaching session will be scheduled between the learner and the coach/facilitator to support and empower the learner to sustain the learning and achieve Return on Investment.