Programmes Summary and Objectives

Leadership for WomenWe believe that leaders are more “made” than “born”. Current leadership research indicates that there are few genetic characteristics that influence one’s ability to become a leader. The purpose of Leadership for Women program is not to teach women on how to become leaders, but to empower them with the knowledge and the skills to become enlightened leaders. From our perspective, leadership is a LIFE-LONG JOURNEY.

Wanting to lead and believing you can lead are only the departure points on the path to leadership. Leadership is an art, a performing art. And; in the art of leadership, the artist’s instrument is self. Ultimately, leadership development is a process of self-development.

Kouzes and Posner
The Leadership Challenge

This program is designed for women, not because the material is gender-specific but primarily because it is critical to provide women with a “safe” environment within which to discuss issues and share information.

Unless the environment is safe, little learning is likely to take place. If the environment does not feel safe, large amounts of personal energy will go into protecting the self and little will be left for inquiry, information processing and analysis.

Milano and Ullius
Designing Powerful Training

This powerfully packed programme will empower the leaders to be more participative than directive, more enabling than performing in order to:

  • Be an enlightened and conscious leader
  • To effectively lead from the top, middle and bottom within an organization
  • Develop Integrity and credibility
  • Engage courageously in tough conversations
  • Get others around the table to foster collaboration
  • Unleash the potential of others
  • Enhance negotiation skills
  • Use power and influence to get things done
  • Be a more powerful and effective communicator
  • Produce outstanding results reliably
  • Build a legacy of leadership

New Paradigm: Responding to classis dilemmas of modern living, this programme will presents a new way of thinking that is to empower the participants to:

  • Achieve and maintain a wise and renewing balance between work and family, personal and professional ambitions, in the middle of constant crises and pressure.
  • Get empowered and empower others with confidence and competence to solve problems and seize opportunities and possibilities.
  • Know where to start, when and how to recharge your batteries to maintain momentum for learning, growing and improving.

Our 3 days highly interactive programme is highly recommended to women who are passionately on a conscious journey to empower themselves so that they can ripple effect the learning and empower others for the purpose of making a positive difference in humanity.

This Leadership for Women programme is practical and highly experiential. It uses a blend of Psychometric tools, practical tools, self-reflection, coaching, feedback, exercises and group reflection.

Duration: 3 days programme.

Assignment Project:

At the end of the Leadership for Women programme, the participant is given a practical work related assignment to implement the knowledge and the skills learnt during the programme to his/her environment/workplace. A panel presentation and portfolio of evidence date will be given to the participants before the end of the programme. Proof of Return on Investment must be handed to the panel members and presented by the participants. The panel members will consists of a facilitator and the leader/s of the participant. Optional continuous coaching session can be arranged between the participant and coach/facilitator to achieve optimum results.