Programmes Summary and Objectives

Emotional Intelligence is very critical to performance to performance. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to adopt situation-specific leadership or interactive styles to achieve the best results by effectively connecting with others on an emotional level. This involves understanding one’s own emotions and motivations as well as those of others.

Daniel Goleman identified EQ as a key differentiating skill for successful leaders. In his 1998 book working with Emotional Intelligence, he reported research showing that EQ competencies account for nearly 90% of differences in star performers’ profiles as compared to others. Goleman also found that – unlike IQ – EQ skills can be learned and improved. Through awareness and attention we can build the EQ capabilities of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

This programme stands out from the other more complex ones because it provides practical steps for understanding the language of one’s emotions. It also empowers you with the knowledge and practical skills on how to respond to emotions so that everyone can learn winning ways. This programme is packed with valuable information that gives practical techniques that everyone can apply to their lives.

We all acknowledge that communications are central to relationships at work and home. Emotional Intelligence will empower the participants to communicate assertively and courageously managing tough conversations effectively to reach a win-win situation.

What we have to confront in the present workplace is the reluctance to engage in conversations that really invite the creative qualities hidden deep inside each human being.

David Whyte
Crossing The Unknown Sea

After completion of this programme the participants will be empowered with the knowledge and skills to:
  • Recognize one's emotions and their effects.
  • Know which emotions they are feeling and why.
  • Realize the links between their feelings and what they think, do and say.
  • Recognize how their feelings affect their performance.
  • Have a guiding awareness of their values and goals.

Duration: 3 days programme.

Learning Assessment:

A practical assignment will be given to the learners to complete by applying the knowledge and skills learned at their environments. A due date to submit the assignment via e-mail will be given to the learner before completion of the programme. A follow-up and coaching session will be scheduled between the learner and the coach/facilitator to support and empower the learner to sustain the learning and achieve Return on Investment.