Programmes Summary and Objectives

Purpose Driven LeadershipPurpose Driven leadership is a constructive leadership model that challenges individuals and organizations to define the purpose, maintain integrity, encourage character, prevent burnout and sustain vitality.

If you are driven to succeed and to make a positive difference in the world, then this is the programme for you. The model for the¬†Purpose Driven leadership programme incorporates “best practice language” and the tools needed to foster a meaningful discourse.

In the new global economy, leaders from all domains need competencies to work in a high-speed, cross-cultural, complex human and business environment. The new leaders must also know how to engage and inspire the people they lead to go beyond their sense of duty to achieve business goals, to ensure that they are committed to the company. There are a series of competencies that demand a high level of awareness and the ability to function effectively that are not only desirable nowadays but essential for a great leader.

These competencies regard:

  • The capacity to choose from a broad possible set, the most suitable response to any given situation, thus developing a high degree of responsibility.
  • A new way of seeing oneself in interaction with others.
  • A sense of meaning in leading and serving their staff in all honesty.
  • Being worthy of receiving trust and being able to offer it.
  • Integrity and consistency that make the leader a role model.

Purpose Driven leadership programme will enable the leaders to set out on a journey to rediscover themselves, the paradigms adopted and the level of awareness at the base of their behaviour. Along the road, new levels of awareness and new paradigms can be activated by the participant so as to create the effective model of a leader who intends to take action.

The purpose of this programme is to empower the participants with the knowledge, practical skills and understanding to:

  • Apply the Purpose-Driven Leadership model.
  • Develop leaders and not followers around them.
  • Become a person of influence through Visible-Felt Leadership.
  • Use the art of Power-Feedback.
  • Coach and Mentor potential leaders.

Duration: 3 days programme.

Learning Assessment:

At the end of the programme, the participant is given a practical work related assignment to implement the knowledge and the skills learnt during the programme to his/her environment/workplace. A panel presentation and portfolio of evidence date will be given to the participants before the end of the programme. Proof of Return on Investment must be handed to the panel members and presented by the participants. The panel members will consists of a facilitator and the leader/s of the participant. Optional continuous coaching session can be arranged between the participant and coach/facilitator to achieve optimum results.